Zebra of the Week?

Ehlers Danlos Syndrome

  Fooled you, didn’t I? You thought I awarded Human of the Week to a zebra, didn’t you? As fun as that would be, a zebra is not a human. Keeping with tradition, I have chosen humans this week. Yes, humans, not a single human. Another tough story, another tough family; all deserving of the […]

PTSD Gets a Human of the Week

francishow copy

I  need to find a better way to announce Human of the Week, the picture is way too obvious. No suspense factor. While I am thinking about that, you can think about how great Francis is; if you don’t know Francis, read her story.

Is The Uterus Human?

ovarian cancer

I know what you’re thinking, she’s finally lost it. She’s awarding the Human of the Week to a uterus, a creepy looking one at that. So? I’m in charge, I can give it to whomever, or whatever, I want! Frankly, I think this is my best idea yet!

Human of the Week – A Regular Guy

Human of the Week, Officer Down

As you know, picking the Human of the Week is a chore for me. Before I talked to Jeff I had decided that I would pick law enforcement as the collective Human of the Week. After I talked to Jeff, I wasn’t so sure. I spent an emotionally difficult week thinking about this story and […]

Leukemia Warrior Gets Human of the Week


Yesterday, I told you Bella was awaiting CAT scan results for a lump that was growing in her throat. Luckily, it was just a swollen lymph node. Powerful statement – “just a swollen lymph node”. Nothing is just anything when your child is battling a deadly disease. Everything becomes a potential set-back, a sleepless night […]

Lupus Has a New Queen


There she is, don’t tell her 9-year-old daughter she has a crown or Darcy will suddenly find it missing! Darcy is Human of the Week, no brainer. I talked about Lupus, she talked to me, she’s in. Don’t get all crazy now, it’s not as simple as being sick. You’ve got to have a little […]

Human Jarhead of the Week

Jars of Hope

So, what have we learned this week? Men do cry. Brian fills the Jars of Hope with toys and tears, just kidding. Sort of. He does cares, a lot. If he didn’t would he spend his spare time filling jars and sending them to sick children around the country? Would he get excited when he […]

Human Officer of the Week

Officer Down

By now, Steve is curled up in a ball in his basement rocking and crying; wondering why he didn’t win Human of the Week. Sorry, Steve! You won but I got busy with Memorial Day and planning my next great blog post. Think of it this way – your fame now lasts longer because people […]

Looks Like A Winner To Me…

cleft palate

  Here we go again! Another family, another Human of the Week. This gets harder and harder. Choosing just one person never seems fair, but since I am limited to the number of magnets I can afford, I’ve got to narrow the candidates! This week’s choices were Lisa, Liz and Annalise. After much thought, and encouragement […]