Easy {Mostly} Wrapped Upcycled Mini Vases

Easy Upcylced Vases from The Missing niche

I think it is safe to say that my tastes run towards the natural, simple beauty of things.  I chose succulents for my tin can planters for their elegance.  I opted for a simple, white bird silhouette on the burlap canvas. 

I was excited about this project because it was quick and would be a great way to upcycle both the little bottles of wine and reduce my yarn stores some more.  I don’t drink very often so full sized bottles of wine tend to go bad.  That’s why I love the little bottles.  I can put them in the fridge and drink them when there is an “emergency” without wasting an entire bottle!

I would have never guessed that this project would be the reason why there are now more little empty bottles of wine waiting for me to think of another craft project. 

I don’t mind crafts that take a lot of time.  I patiently wait between coats of Modge Podge drying only to wait again for the coats of clear glossy varnish to dry afterwards, like with the BBQ Caddy.  But this project almost made me lose my cool and send little glass bottles hurtling towards the wall. 

Mostly wrapped upcycled vases

After calming down with a full little bottle (well, it was full), I realized that I didn’t have to wrap the whole bottles. 

Once I decided NOT to wrap the necks, it really did become an “easy” project.

What I ended up with wasn’t so bad.  I wanted to keep going with the little pops of yellow in my mostly brown and beige living room.  Once we go out and get some flowers these will look darling on the pass-through.  (That hole, window thingey that my kids used to try to climb through to get from the family room to the kitchen.)


  • bottles
  • yarn
  • jute twine
  • hot glue gun
  • patience

  Upcycled mini bottles from the missing niche

Despite the stress they caused me, they really did turn out pretty cute. There you have it, my easy {mostly} wrapped upcycled mini vases craft.



  1. says

    They look adorable and to be honest at first glance I never would have assumed they needed to be wrapped all the way. I think they look great like this!

    • Herchel says

      I originally wanted to wrap the bottles completely. I’ve seen some cute ones on pinterest. These came out just as pretty through and I think the “clear stripe” works too!

  2. says

    great idea! it’s so funny that i found your blog through the lush giveaway, because i actually did this a few months ago but with lush’s black pots for a little competition. and won! 😀

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