Crispy, Delicious Zucchini Fritter Recipe

Zucchini Fritter Recipe

Got zucchini? Me, too. We make zucchini bread, zucchini relish, stuffed zucchini and hot zucchini jam, to name a few. My favorite by far is fried zucchini fritters. Simple and delicious; that’s all you need in a recipe!


2 cups grated zucchini
2 eggs
1/4 cup flour
3/4 cup bread crumbs
olive oil

Ready for the easy part?

  1. Grate the zucchini.
  2. Beat the eggs.
  3. Mix everything except the olive oil together in a bowl.
  4. Let sit for about 20 minutes.
  5. Heat the olive oil in a pan.
  6. Drop spoonfuls of the mixture into the pan, flatten it with a fork.
  7. Fry it until brown on both sides.
  8. Drain on a paper towel.

I find that if I fry them on lower heat, they cook more thoroughly through the middle. It takes a few test pieces to get it to the crispness that you like, but it is well worth it!

What’s your favorite zucchini recipe? How about my Zucchini Bread Recipe??


  1. says

    Those fritters look SO good. I love zucchini anything. Mostly I make our zucchini into a delicious quick bread, or simply saute it with some herbs and extra virgin olive oil.

    I am definitely trying your recipe. It’s going to be pinned ASAP. :)

    Congratulations on your SITS Day. I’m so happy to have discovered your blog today, I love that your sharing and highlighting so many important causes. I try to do that too. If I can reach out to just one person and spark a thought, idea, or concern, then I’m beyond happy. Being good and kind in this life is what it’s all about. Keep it up! 😉

    • Karen says

      Thank you, your comments mean a lot to me. Sometimes it’s hard to blog but I know that I am touching people and that is very important to me.

  2. nancy says

    Made these today for dinner. I love the idea of adding cracker crumbs and less flour. They turned out crispy and not doughy at all. I did add a shredded carrot and about 2 tbls. of finely chopped onion to give it a little more flavor. But the basic recipe is great!


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