10 Reasons You Should Not Care About Police

Yup, you read that right. I know there are millions of you that hate cops, and there are millions of you that love them. I’ve given it a lot of thought and realized the haters have a point. I mean seriously, in 1962 John F. Kennedy decided to set aside an entire week to honor them? A whole week!?  Thousands of people descend on Washington, DC and snarl traffic for events all week. Whew, glad I don’t live there, traffic’s bad enough already.

Luckily, my town isn’t one of the thousands across the country that hold events for Police Officers this week, one more thing I don’t need to feel badly about missing.

To help everyone out, I’ve come up with a pretty valid list of reasons why you shouldn’t care about honoring Police Officers. I’ll be honest with you, no matter what side of the camp you’re on, I think you’ll see my logic. Whether or not I agree with your logic, that’s a different story.

Police Week

Cops are…


1. Trying to ruin your day – “Some a$$hole cop was hiding under a bridge and gave me a $200 speeding ticket. If it weren’t for him, I would have been here on time!”

2. Constantly saving other people’s lives – “Get your hands off me! I’m going to kill the b!tch!!”

3. Filthy – They are constantly spit, vomited and bled upon. Gross!

4. Always late – “I called 10 minutes ago! You couldn’t have gotten here before my drunk husband got home?!”

5. Enjoy destroying private property – “He tried to serve me a warrant so I slammed the door. It’s not my fault his body got caught in it! I want the city to pay for what he did to my door!”

6. Love picking fights – “Yeah, I punched the pig. He was trying to arrest me!”

7. Never there for their kids – While their kids are at school play, baseball practice or at home with the flu, they are out searching for your lost child, mother, daughter, son, brother, etc. And when their kids are lying in bed at night asking their Mom/Dad if the “bad guys are going to kill Daddy/Mommy”, they’re out dodging bad guys.

8. …or their wives – When they do go out with their wives/husbands, they sneak out the back door and leave them alone because they just saw a gang member/ recent arrest/ snitch/ etc. walk in the front door. They doesn’t want them to know who their family is. B@stard.

9. In everyone’s business – they show up to accidents, rapes, assaults, homicides, thefts, missing persons calls, domestics, loose dogs, noises in your basement, weird smells coming from the other apartment, noise complaints, late night parties – any reason another human annoys you and any time someone needs help. Call the police, they’ll stick their nose where it doesn’t belong.

10. Not environmentally conscious – A Police Officer dies in the line of duty every 53 hours. Think of how many trees they waste on coffins.

What can you do to show you agree with the above?

Thank a cop. You don’t have to walk up to him/her and thank him literally, there are other ways. Obey the speed limit. Respect the law. Let them do their jobs.

If you can afford to, head over to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund  or Concerns of Polices Survivors and make a donation.

Most importantly? Teach your children to respect them. If you don’t agree with the law, take it up with the courts, not the police. They didn’t make the laws, they are simply trying to keep your crazy neighbor with the shotgun from stealing your prized coin collection and threatening to blow your head off when you want it back. Why? Because that’s the law.

By now I hope you have figured out that you should care about Police Week. If you are reading this and you are an officer or their family, I wish you all the safety in the world and the knowledge that you are not alone. We are grateful for all that you do and the sacrifices you make. When I wake in the night and realize my husband is late coming home from his shift, I am praying he, and everyone else like him, gets home safely. Godspeed to you all.

Gotta go, some guy wants me to go buy some steaks with his tax money so he can feed his family. Apparently, I’m supposed to donate my husband’s paycheck since nothing ever happens in his neighborhood…


Find out how an officer survived being shot in the face in “Officer Down”


  1. Harold Kasselman says

    Good way to attract attention to Police Week. Having worked with police for 30 years, I salute them for their sacrifice and courage. They are unsung heroes.

  2. Amy B says

    I literally welled up with tears reading #8….it’s something I never thought about before. Thanks for sharing your list!!

    • Karen says

      Trust me, there are lots of things I didn’t realize until people started asking me what’s it like to be married to a LEO. When you think about, some of the stuff just isn’t normal 😉

      • Sarah says

        There’s hardly a day that my husband is on shift that he would consider normal. I’ve been dating or engaged to him for 20 years and it never seems to get easier. Still breaks me to see him come home with scratches or bruises.

  3. Joy McLaughlin says

    Thank you. I’m the adult daughter of a retired police officer, and will definitely be sharing this!!

  4. Jennifer says

    love, Love, LOVE it.

    As an officer’s wife, the rare occasions that people say positive things about law enforcement are always very, VERY much appreciated. <3

  5. Amber says

    I was reading this out loud to my LEO hubby, and had to stop a second not to cry on #7 and 8- so very true!

  6. Vernon says

    I loved this, and have experienced most of these things if not all. I just came home from my shift today. My son was the officer that took over for me…..Thanks for posting this. And to all the fellow LEO’s , Be Safe!

  7. Kacie Truelove says

    Proud to say I’m the daughter of a hero! Thank you to all of our men and women in service! Love you Daddy!

  8. says

    I am a retired police officer. I was hurt on the job and I am raising my children to value the man and women who put on the uniform. People may say they hate police officers, but they will be some of the first ones on the phone saying they need help. Thank you for this post

  9. Tiffany Eaves says

    From the daughter, wife and niece of amazing officers… You NAILED it!! My daddy’s been a cop since before I was born so it’s all my family knows. So many things that other folks just don’t have to ever think about like #8 or wishing they didn’t have a take home car so know one knows where they live, always having to face the door wherever they go to eat so they can see who’s coming in… I could go on. Thank you for acknowledging and honoring their thankless profession. Most of them don’t even want attention brought to them. To them, they’re just trying to make a difference doing what they love.
    Thank you!!

  10. Rose Rodriguez says

    Thank you. I, of course, originally was quite indignant upon reading the title, but ended up with tears in my eyes as I read and related to your points. Thankfully, my husband’s schedule is now a regular work day schedule as he is a court deputy, but I so remember the other schedules. And we still don’t go to certain public places in order to avoid running into too many of “the people he works with .”

  11. Angie Betsill says

    my husband was on a SWAT stake out all night last night on our only night off together, he is so guilty of sticking his nose in other peoples business too :-) sometimes when you’re home all alone trying not to think of where your LEO is and what they are getting into you come across a text like this. And you are reminded as an officer’s wife or family you’ll never be alone thank you so much for the post and God bless!

  12. Nichole says

    AWESOME job Karen! You def hit the nail on the head! I love my LEO. He is always working hard at being in people’s business 😉 Thank you for writing the truth about LEOs

  13. Maureen says

    Wow!! LOVE this list. Perfectly stated. As the daughter of a retired Leo, and the wife of an active Leo, I Thank You. Great use of humor to draw attention to such a Special Week!!

  14. says

    From one LEOW to another, YOU ROCK!!!
    If you were close by, I’d share my chocolate with you, and I don’t share chocolate nicely. Thanks for an awesome blog on these terrible nonhuman beings! :)

  15. says

    Thank you so much for posting this. I try not to think about how dangerous his job is, but I could NEVER ask him to leave it…It’s a part of who he is. He was even a PAROLE officer before that #8 is so true…I can’t wait to show this to him. By the way, next time someone is commenting about how his TAX money is being used/not used…Hand him $2.00 and say thanks but we really don’t need your money…My LEO did that to his own brother after one of “those” comments and it hasn’t happened since…

  16. Jennifer says

    This is awesome! I just read this to my LEO, and he loved it as well. I am a daughter, granddaughter,sister, and niece of a Police family and now I married an officer. Though #8 hit me hard cause it was just recent that that happened, I have no regrets! God Bless all the LEOs and their families!

  17. says

    As someone else has already said: Thank you.

    Sure cops can be annoying assholes at times but they’re their to do a job: Protect citizens and keep the peace.

    And if anyone recently watched Criminal Minds, yes, corrupt cops exist as well. But for every corrupt, POS cop out there there are dozens more who do their job properly and do it well. I have nothing but respect for law enforcement, even if I don’t always agree with what they say or do.

  18. Leslie says

    This is completely an awesome list. Thank you very much for standing up for the good guys.

  19. Shannon says

    Thank you so much for this. I’m a wife with 3 children 2 are little. Watching him leave the house every night is so hard. I say the same thing to him when he leaves everyday. I love you, be careful. When he’s late, I worry. So many people hate police officers. I can’t read articles about some cop having to pull his weapon and shoot someone. The comments are just horrible. Glad to see all the great comments.

    • Karen says

      I can’t read comments on articles about police, it gets me so worked up. I try to focus on the good and the people who care!

  20. Macy says

    Just a reminder that women and men might not be going home to their wives but their husbands too…and you might want to thank HER too and she might need to thank HER family. :)

  21. David says

    I have to admit that your title got my attention. I have been an LEO for almost 19 years now. Some of those years have been tougher than others. I can relate to every single line item that you have listed plus some. I have to say that number 8 hit home very much…I would like to share a shortened version of a story if I may…..I took a certified bad guy to jail for a very serious crime…It was MY fault that he went to jail, of course nothing that HE did wrong. In the process, he may threats that he would kill myself and my family if he ever saw me out and about. Well, I saw him at our local Wal-Mart walking around the store at a much later date. My wife and daughter were both with me. When I saw him, I casually walked by my wife and gave her our secret code word and kept walking like nothing was happening. I went as far away as I could from them. My wife knew not to even look up or act like I had said anything. She went about shopping, checked out and I met her back in the vehicle after she got there….all the while, I was watching the bad guy. Was I worried about the bad guy getting to my wife and daughter while I was away from them…? Not really? She is a card carrying member of the NRA and a fellow Pistol toter. She shoots very well. Plus, I watched the bad guy the whole time as well. Just did not want him associating them with me. All ended up well.

    Thank you for the insight. I really believe a lot of folks think that the Police are ruining their lives when it is generally the decisions that they themselves make to get themselves into the predicament.

    David …. LEO for going on 19 years.

  22. says

    I’ll admit…as a cop, I had a knee jerk reaction to the first three paragraphs of this post. As a writer, I think it was brilliant. As a professional smartass (in both professions), I am disappointed I didn’t think of it first.

    I have worked very hard over the last 15 years to make my family a priority. Far too many of us get overly emotionally invested in this job. Having been to 22 cop funerals in the last decade, I can tell you a myriad of stories of sacrifice. We’ve all made them.

    At the end of last year, both the Wife and I read Dr. Kevin Gilmartin’s “Emotional Survival for Law Enforcement.” I can’t recommend that book enough. For LEOs AND their spouses.

    You are doing your family a disservice if you don’t read that book. Seriously.

    My life made more sense after finishing it than I can explain in a post comment. After 15 years, I finally understand why I am the way I am…and I have the tools to change.

    Great post and thanks for the support!



  23. Amanda B. says

    Thank you for writing this. My husband and I are both LEOs so we understand these situations from both sides. We both experience the strange things that LEOs do but at the same time we have the same natural fears and concerns for each other’s safety when it comes to making it home safe every night. Also we work night shift so the majority of people we see at work don’t want us there and are not appreciative of our sacrifices that we consider our calling in our profession. It is most definitely a breath of fresh air to read something like this that is uplifting to officers and takes into consideration all of the things we sacrifice big or small, on or off duty. So from a couple of LEOs, thank YOU for your time to write this, it means a lot and restores my faith that there are people who care about us!

  24. Esther says

    I absolutely loved this! Thank you so much for writing this. My husband is a police officer and I can totally relate to #8. It has happened many times or we can’t go to certain places as a family because there is a good chance of running into someone. Thank you again for such a wonderful way of putting it out there! I will definitely be sharing this with the hubby. :)

  25. Jan says

    Very comprehensive list, I respectfully add this
    Always getting overtime
    Even when they are supposed to be camping with family they drive back in just to testify at some hearing of someone they arrested and were supposed to testify earlier but got rescheduled.

  26. Carol Merritt says

    I am looking for information on Rudy Metzger.He worked on the desk in western district in the 80’s.

  27. says

    Thank you for writing this (and for tweeting it to me). It’s especially nice to see on a non-law enforcement blog.

    Two favors?:

    1. Take time to go to odmp.org and see how many police officers die in the line of duty every year. Sign up for the alerts and when you get one, please tweet it with hashtags #officerdown and #lodd

    2. When you read a positive story about police work, please tweet it with hashtag “tacop (thank a cop)

    Thanks again, Lauri Stevens

  28. says

    Your post made me tear up. My husband isn’t a police officer, however he did work as an armed security guard, before we moved to Croatia. I know the two cannot really compare but I will never forget how scared I was when he would be running late. I am grateful for all the police officers out there who are doing their job and making our neighborhoods that much safer. I hope you enjoy your SITS day!

  29. says

    Great post and great way to grab attention to a topic that needs some attention. Polices officers are underpaid, overworked, and put up with things we wouldn’t dream of in our worst nightmares.

  30. says

    This is WONDERFUL! I have an Uncle and Cousin who are retired NYPD who both served in 9/11, and thankfully have a community that appreciates what the police and fire departments sacrificed on that day. However, it’s important to respect your law enforcement officers no matter where you are, because these men and women put their lives on the line daily in order to enforce our safety! So happy to meet you through SITS!


  31. says

    I went on a ridealong with my cop friend and it changed my life. I can’t believe the things they see and deal with.
    Great post, thanks for bringing a fresh perspective

  32. says

    Wow. This was awesome. When I saw this as one of your three featured pieces on SITS, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect…

    You really delivered.

    Happy SITS, and have a fantastic weekend!

  33. says

    I enjoyed reading this. My uncle was a lifelong officer after leaving the Marine Corp. I have the utmost respect for our law enforcement officers. Happy SITS day!

  34. says

    As a new reader I began reading this list and thinking you were such a freak! But as I got through it I realized how funny you are and how much I actually like you. :]

    • Karen says

      Ha ha! Thanks! My friends still think I’m a freak even after reading it! Go like me on FB and really get your freak on! I am going over to see if I like you…. 😉

      …oooh, I like you!!!

  35. says

    Great post. I’m not even going to get started on the people who actually say stuff like this and mean it. I know a lot of people who get their feelings hurt really easily who say they want to be a cop. Not looking forward to seeing how that works out for them…

  36. Kat says

    Wow! Great job Karen! Number 8 hits home, and I have so many stories about number 7 when my LEO is taking care of other people’s kids, though we don’t have our own. This includes Christmas shopping for other kiddos, which warms my heart. :)

  37. says

    I was with the family in Target and I caught someone looking at me more than he should have. I recognized he was a bad guy and he recognized I was a good guy. I pointed him out to my wife and I made sure we kept an eye on him. #8 for sure.


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