Give Before It Hurts!

give before it hurts

You’ve heard the old adage – Give ‘til it hurts. You don’t have enough pain in your life? You want to create more? I’m going to help you out – give before it hurts. That’s right, before you or someone you love fall victim to an illness or situation, let’s stop it in its tracks!

In honor of my 6 month blog anniversary, The Missing Niche wants to thank all the past, present and future Humans of the Week! Here’s how it’s going to work, you are going to dig deep. Whether it’s $0.50 or $1, I am kindly asking that you give something. Each donation gives you one chance at a myriad of prizes. Okay, not a myriad, just 2.

Between now and March 21, the anniversary, make a donation. On March 22, a name will be randomly drawn from all the donors. That person will choose their favorite HOW and will have 2 options – pick your favorite charity that relates to the HOW or let the HOW choose their favorite charity. 100% of all donations will go to that organization. That’s right, 100%, no administrative fees!

Additionally, the winner and their HOW get the first ever Give Before It Hurts t-shirt. Yowza! I don’t even have one! It’s just my way of saying thanks to my readers and my victims subjects.

Always wanted to make a large donation without making a large donation? Now’s your chance! Make a small donation to make a large donation! My goal? $500, we’ll start small. If each of my followers donate $0.50, we are there! If we raise more, great!

C’mon! Join the fun! Give before it hurts!

Browse the Human of the Week or click a topic on the sidebar and they HOW for that topic will appear!



Total Raised – $230!! Sandy selected PoliceWives as her charity! Thank you!!


Thank you
Sandy’s P.O.V.
The Evans Family
Lisa S.
Anonymous x4
Scruggbug Corner
Conversations in Care
Words I Wheel By
White Rose Plantation





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