Sensory Disorders Human of the Week

Sensory Processing Disorder

Let’s pick the Sensory Disorders Human of the Week! Jess!! Mom of Raylan (4), Ramona (3), Reuben (2), she’s advocated for Raylan to get him the diagnosis and help he needed. Jess also made sure Ramona and Reuben received the right screening at an early age. When Jess speaks of the years without a diagnosis […]

Consider This…Being a Police Officer


  Written by a fellow police wife Consider hearing your doorbell at 11pm. You aren’t expecting company. A man is standing there, but in the dark of night, you can’t see who he is. Do you open your door to him? No, probably not. And if you do, you do so with caution, probably with […]

It’s Not About Race, It’s About Hate – Police, NYPD and Law Enforcement Sacrifice


  A few months ago I was naïve enough to think that writing Hearts Beneath the Badge was going make a difference, that it would somehow change people’s minds. After all, the proceeds are going to National Law Enforcement Memorial Fund, Concerns of Police Survivors, Safe Call Now and Policewives. I also had the support […]

Kindle Book Giveaway – Measure Twice by J.J. Hensley

Measure Twice

Last week, I released my book Hearts Beneath the Badge. In celebration, I am going to have one law enforcement spotlight a week until the end of January. Everybody wants to be number one, but since he gave me the idea, this week J.J. Hensley is in the spotlight. Why? Because he’s a cooler author […]

Teen Acne Got You Down? X it Out! – X Out Review


  I participated in a campaign through Mom Central and received a promotional item in exchange for writing this review.  Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own. We were all young once, and we all probably had acne. Not fun. I’ve got two boys, one will be thirteen soon and I can see […]

Domestic Violence – A Word from the Victim

Domestic Violence

I am writing this in the hope my story helps another.  The foundation of my relationship later in my life, my marriage, stems from my childhood. Our minds are unwitting victims to the choices those around us make. As children, we are most vulnerable to pain, we are innocent and helpless. My helplessness began at the […]

Domestic Violence – The Relationship from Hell

Domestic Violence

The women I spoke to for this series are lucky, they are still alive. Their biggest problem right now is staying that way because no matter how much time or space they put between them and their abuser, they are never out of reach. Their abuser is always in their head, healing is a long, […]