Hearts Beneath the Badge Book Giveaway


  I’m giving away 2 paperback copies of my book just for the heck of it!!   Enter below and tell your friends!   Don’t know about my book? Shameful! Find out!   www.heartsbeneaththebadge.com The Foreword The Preface Buy it!     a Rafflecopter giveaway

What I’ve Learned About Hashtags, Trends, Books and Blogs

  Initially, blogging seemed like a lot of work – coming up with something to write, wondering if people would read, studying SEO optimization and joining share groups. It was time-consuming and I often felt that I wasn’t doing what I wanted. Eventually, I started writing about families who were coping with extraordinary circumstances and […]

Are We Really Thanking Our Police?

Thank Police

  Recent months have shown an increase in support for law enforcement, support groups have popped up all over Facebook and Twitter, celebrities are being sworn in as honorary deputies and others are creating foundations in support of police and their families. While all of this is promising and it has given much-needed encouragement to […]

Sensory Disorders Human of the Week

Sensory Processing Disorder

Let’s pick the Sensory Disorders Human of the Week! Jess!! Mom of Raylan (4), Ramona (3), Reuben (2), she’s advocated for Raylan to get him the diagnosis and help he needed. Jess also made sure Ramona and Reuben received the right screening at an early age. When Jess speaks of the years without a diagnosis […]

Consider This…Being a Police Officer


  Written by a fellow police wife Consider hearing your doorbell at 11pm. You aren’t expecting company. A man is standing there, but in the dark of night, you can’t see who he is. Do you open your door to him? No, probably not. And if you do, you do so with caution, probably with […]