The Price They Pay – Foreword

The Price They Pay

Policing is hard…….. When you ponder that phrase, what comes to mind? Do you agree with it? Perhaps you just find yourself not knowing what to think? My guess is several different variables impact your mindset; most notably whether you are a law enforcement officer (LEO) yourself or if you have ever known one personally. […]

How Much Does Your Book Cost?

The Price They Pay

  Yesterday someone asked me how much my book cost, I replied with the dollars and cents they would be required to pay at checkout. After all, that is what she asked. For some reason, I started to think about what the book really cost and it kept adding up. It cost me many sleepless […]

5 Things I Won’t Do To Sell Books


    Now I’m an “author”, or so I’m told. Time to sell books, get the word out and make money. Not as easy as it sounds. There are millions of books out there, many with powerful publishing houses behind them and many more coming out daily. The competition is steep. If you want to […]

There is More to Police Week Than Mourning

Police Week

    While survivors were learning to live with their grief at the Hilton hosting the survivors, fourteen miles away there was an entirely different dynamic. Although it was a solemn week, Police Week was established not only to recognize the men and women who have died in the line of duty but also to […]

Meanwhile at Police Week, People are Grieving


When I arrived in Washington, DC for Police Week, I expected the airport to be full of police officers and that the crowds would part in appreciation of them. Actually, I’m not sure what I expected; I just hoped I would feel it the minute I disembarked. Instead, people were going about their business as […]

A Bullet Found My Husband Today

Officer Down

  As I watched the news of more officers down, I wondered what I would say if it were my family. THIS is what I would say….   He was an ordinary man. He loved his family, his garden and his dogs. He was supposed to be with us for a much longer time. Late […]

What I’ve Learned About Hashtags, Trends, Books and Blogs

  Initially, blogging seemed like a lot of work – coming up with something to write, wondering if people would read, studying SEO optimization and joining share groups. It was time-consuming and I often felt that I wasn’t doing what I wanted. Eventually, I started writing about families who were coping with extraordinary circumstances and […]

Sensory Disorders Human of the Week

Sensory Processing Disorder

Let’s pick the Sensory Disorders Human of the Week! Jess!! Mom of Raylan (4), Ramona (3), Reuben (2), she’s advocated for Raylan to get him the diagnosis and help he needed. Jess also made sure Ramona and Reuben received the right screening at an early age. When Jess speaks of the years without a diagnosis […]