Kindle Book Giveaway – Measure Twice by J.J. Hensley

Measure Twice

Last week, I released my book Hearts Beneath the Badge. In celebration, I am going to have one law enforcement spotlight a week until the end of January. Everybody wants to be number one, but since he gave me the idea, this week J.J. Hensley is in the spotlight. Why? Because he’s a cooler author […]

Teen Acne Got You Down? X it Out! – X Out Review


  I participated in a campaign through Mom Central and received a promotional item in exchange for writing this review.  Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own. We were all young once, and we all probably had acne. Not fun. I’ve got two boys, one will be thirteen soon and I can see […]

Domestic Violence – A Word from the Victim

Domestic Violence

I am writing this in the hope my story helps another.  The foundation of my relationship later in my life, my marriage, stems from my childhood. Our minds are unwitting victims to the choices those around us make. As children, we are most vulnerable to pain, we are innocent and helpless. My helplessness began at the […]

Domestic Violence – The Relationship from Hell

Domestic Violence

The women I spoke to for this series are lucky, they are still alive. Their biggest problem right now is staying that way because no matter how much time or space they put between them and their abuser, they are never out of reach. Their abuser is always in their head, healing is a long, […]

Why I Believe BlogHer Does Not Support Police


  I didn’t plan to do this, I was going to let it go. Until BlogHer deleted my comment today. I didn’t want to take on the blogging world or the heavy hitters working at BlogHer. But enough is enough. I’ll get to that comment a little later. First let me give you a little […]



    I saw this on Facebook this morning (please forgive me for not crediting the source as I don’t know it) and found it ironic. As with everything else, there are many negative interpretations – it’s wrong because it’s mocking the Ferguson protestors; police are expected to die, it’s their job; only 105 officer […]

Delicious Family Recipe – Italian Anise Cookie Recipe

anise cookies

Every year since I was a kid, we sat around the kitchen table and frosted Italian Cookies before every holiday. Looking back, I see the hours I spent with my Grandmother frosting cookies was lovely. Although she is gone now, I make the cookies with my kids and somehow they love frosting and putting the […]

What’s Up With Disney?! What Have They Become?

Walt Disney Animation Studios

      They’ve become awesome, that’s what! When I was a kid, Disney was Mickey Mouse and Princesses, easy enough. Over the years Disney has changed. A lot. They’ve grown and evolved just like the rest of us, although they never seem to age. Terribly unfair. When a friend suggested I check out Disney, […]

Old Factory Happy Holidays Candle Review

old factory candles

Although I received a product in exchange for this review, the opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links. Everyone loves candles! Alright, maybe not everyone, but they should. They add warmth to your home, fill it with a fresh scent and can be really helpful if your power goes out! Personally, I can’t […]